I would highly recommend the treatment offered.

Just four weeks ago I walked, well shuffled, into Inspire Chiropractic in a state of desperation.  I was experiencing debilitating back pain that had reduced me to a state of intermittent total immobility, and unable to walk more than a few painful steps.

A friend recommended a visit to Stephen, and it was the best piece of advice ever offered to me.  I am so glad I took it because here I am a short time later well on the road to recovery.

I would highly recommend the treatment offered at Inspire Chiropractic, not just for the practical, medical benefits, but the calming atmosphere offered from the minute you step through the door.  The welcome extended by all the receptionists is only matched by their knowledge of the service they are representing.

Don't hesitate, book your appointment and receive your treatment with confidence.

Sue Holden

Much more flexible in every respect

I had a continuous niggle in the lower back and now my back is much more fliexible in every respect.  I am now able to lay flat, sleep on my back and bend further.  It had just made me feel more comfortable generally. 

This being my first experience I would say that if you feel you have a problem, you should go ahead and try it.

Ken Brown

Give it a try and I don't think you will be disappointed.

As a very keen sportsman who relied on ibuprofen and paracetamol to keep going, I was quite sceptical that a few visits to the Chiropractor would sort out my knee and back problems.

Since visiting Stephen I have not taken a single tablet and swollen knees and back spasms appear to be a thing of the past.

Give it a try and I don't think you will be disappointed.

Richard Giles



I came here suffering from serious ear pains, mastoid bone pain and neck pain and stiffness.  After just a few sessions the pain has almost gone, I have more mobility and movement than I've had for a long time (and can reach my back to scrub it now!) and feel like I walk taller and sleep better.

I would definitely recommend this Chiropractor and intend to keep coming at least twice a month even when I am fully recovered!

Mrs T.L.

Go for it!

Go for it! Most people could benefit from Chiropractic from an early age.

Mr C Pack

An excellent and professional service

An excellent professional service that I would highly recommend.

Chiropractic has made me have a better standard of life due to pain relief!

Mr J O'Sullivan

A relaxed and friendly service

I don’t have any aches any more.  A relaxed and friendly service, I have complete trust in Dr Connolly and his ability.

Mrs A.S.

A friendly, professional and efficient experience

I am now pain free following injuries to my ankle and shoulder and I can walk / run to keep up with the children.  A friendly, professional and efficient experience – try it!

Mrs L.K.

I have found it very beneficial

It has managed my back pain and stiffness and generally improved my mobility.  I have been able to do more activities with my family without worrying about back pain.  I have found it very beneficial; both the treatment and the advice / exercises.  Maintenance checks prevent the build up of any problems.

Mr A.D.

Chiropractic has dramatically helped me

Chiropractic has dramatically helped me.  It resolved my knee pain after 25 years of discomfort.  I feel more relaxed and have a better sleep pattern.  The best value for money I have ever experienced!

Mr S.H.

I always walk taller after a visit

Chiropractic has helped me be more flexible and pain free.  I feel now as though I can participate in anything where before I would be anxious about doing anything in case my back hurt.  I always walk taller after a visit.

Mrs R.J.

A fabulous experience

Through regular maintenance I have regained my mobility and have fewer instances of back problems.  It has allowed me to play golf regularly, cycle and walk.  A fabulous experience.

Ms M.L.

An enjoyable and enlightening experience

My major back, neck and shoulder problems are a thing of the past.  It has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience.  Give it a try, there is nothing to lose.

Ms K.S.

Stops small things becoming big problems

It has made me more aware of problems as they happen so I know how to deal with them.  It has given me confidence that I don’t have to suffer if something goes wrong – it’s easy to get a quick appointment for emergencies.  It feels as though someone is taking an interest in your whole body – not just the bit that’s causing pain!  Maintenance treatment helps keep everything under control and stops small things becoming big problems.

Mrs H.P.

The experience has been of great benefit to my wellbeing

It has helped stop the pain in my back and shoulders and if it returns I am able to manage the pain through exercises provided by the chiropractor.  I am a happier person and able to deal with stress and it’s effects more easily.  The experience has been of great benefit to my wellbeing.

Mrs P.H.

The treatment is very relaxing

Chiropractic has helped me by giving me much more mobility in my neck and upper back and it is much easier driving and doing household jobs.  I am nicer when I am not in pain!  It’s not painful or frightening, in fact lots of the treatment is very relaxing.

Mrs M.B.

I am more confident to do things I previously avoided

I am more confident to do things I previously avoided because I was too tired or worried about back pain.  Initially I could physically feel the difference after attending a session, now I have checkups to prevent me slipping back into bad habits.

Mr J.S.

Keeps me free of pain and able to move my neck whilst driving

I am free of pain now and much happier as it can get you down when you wake up in pain.  It really doesn’t hurt at all.  Maintenance keeps me free of pain and able to move my neck whilst driving.

Mrs E.T.

Keeps me mobile and pain free

Chiropractic helps keep me mobile and pain free.  Very professional, well run practice with excellent chiropractors who know the body and spine well.  Maintenance treatment prevents the re-occurrence of major back pain and keeps me supple.

Ms K.M.

Helps me to stay fit and mobile

Chiropractic has helped me to carry on with my job.  I am more mobile and can enjoy more walks and holidays and playing with my grandchildren.  Maintenance treatment helps me to stay fit and mobile.  Excellent advice and treatment.

Mrs R.G.

I would recommend this practice

Chiropractic has helped me get back on my feet and given me a better understanding of how my back works and the need to respect it.  Being out of constant pain makes me more cheerful.  I would recommend this practice.

Mrs S.D.

It has helped relieve my pain

It has helped relieve my pain and now I take fewer painkillers.  Being more fit has enabled me to join in with more activities, especially in chasing after my small grandchild.

Mrs M.P.